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Boom Goes the Dynamite

Ok 2 Win

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  • STAY SHARP: The MATCHBOX is always changing - can you remember which card was just flipped?
  • THINK FAST: Race against the TIMER and make matches using mental math.
  • FUN FOR ADULTS AND KIDS: Easy-to-learn with high replayability in both the home and in a classroom setting.
  • Ages 8+ | 3 minutes to learn | 15 minutes to play | 2-6 players/deck
  • High-quality, compact, travel-friendly box makes it perfect for game night, parties, holidays, vacations - basically any casual event with those you love.


"BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE is an exciting and entertaining card game in which players aim to acquire the greatest possible number of cards by forming matches, and not just the traditional kind!

The MATCHBOX is an ever-changing set of 9 face-down cards from which players flip two at a time looking for matches. However, if the cards don't display a matching number, the player who flipped them can use one or more IGNITE cards (each player has 3 in hand) to ignite a match using addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Ideally, a player should use as many cards as possible in generating a math-induced match since he or she gets to keep ALL cards used in doing so.

Players also frequently use special cards (DYNAMITE, TIMER AND WILD) to get ahead, sometimes suddenly and substantially. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE is easy to learn and plays well across a broad range of ages. It also takes only 15 minutes or so per game and accommodates from 2 to 6 players, making it an excellent choice for one-on-one play, parties and family gatherings!"

- Tillywig Toy And Media Awards

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