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Draw & Build Dollhouse

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Make this magnetic dollhouse your own by drawing your own decorations and scenes with 4 included write-on wipe-off markers!

Kids have fallen in love with Build & Imagine’s whimsically illustrated magnetic building panels, called StoryWalls, that allow children to construct a colorful world for dress-up dolls to work and play. Now they get to bring their own creativity to the panel designs with draw-on wipe-off markers.


Make a new creation each time, with magnetic building panels that you can draw on! Bring your stories to life with a draw-on wooden doll ready for adventure.

  • Customize each magnetic panel with your own artwork. Draw hair and clothes on the included wooden doll.
  • Combine panels magnetically to form a dollhouse (or whatever else your imagination desires).
  • Let your imagination run wild! Easily erase and draw new scenes and build new structures so it’s different every time you play.
  • Compatible with other Build & Imagine magnetic building sets.
  • Perfect for young makers who love to draw, build, and imagine stories. Recommended for ages 4-8.

How it Works

Customize each magnetic panel with your own artwork, then combine panels to form a house (or whatever else your imagination desires). Draw hair and clothes on the included wooden doll and have her join in the fun.

What’s Included

Includes 4 dry-erase markers, 4 square magnetic building panels with dual-sided wipe-off surfaces, a functioning front door, 4 equilateral building panels with dual-sided wipe-off surfaces, a wooden doll with wipe-off surface, and a microfiber cloth eraser.

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Make something new each time.

A cottage? A ski cabin? A store? A doghouse? The tooth fairy’s lair? Kids aren’t limited to one design—they can draw new scenes and quickly reconstruct the panels into whatever design suits them. Or, mix and match multiple Build & Imagine play-sets to build a larger scene. The creativity and imaginative play possibilities are endless.

Putting the “A” in “STEAM”

Draw & Build Dollhouse blends craft and construction trends to empower kids with full customization over their own 3D scenes. Draw & Build Dollhouse bridges left and right brain play to engage kids in foundational science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills. Through building with geometric shapes children exercise early engineering skills including spatial reasoning, problem solving and design. The child’s own illustrations act as story prompts, sparking imaginative play that sets the stage for language and literacy learning.

A Mission You Can Get Behind

Build & Imagine is a new toy company founded on the belief that what we play with matters. Founder Laurie Peterson started Build & Imagine after noticing that the kinds of play experiences she enjoyed as a child (involving building, creativity, and experimentation) were poorly represented in the girls’ section of most toy stores. She now develops building toys with adventurous leading female characters and rich narrative details to engage both girls and boys. Laurie received the 2015 “Rising Star Toy Inventor of the Year” award from TAGIE, and is the mother to a budding 6 year old builder.

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