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Fairytale Theater

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Countdown to show time with this adorable theater.

Curtain up! Act out classic fairytales or make up your own with the Fairytale Theater magnetic building set. Choose from 8 mix & match stage backdrops and more than 50 costumes and props. Provides endless inspiration for young thespians to create tales of adventure.

Features a pirate cove, treasure map, spooky forest, armor and swords, sorcerer’s wand, evil and good castles, royal bedroom, facial expressions, and much more!

Set Overview

Budding thespians design a set then act out fairytales. The mix & match illustrated theater backdrops, wooden dress-up characters, and plentiful magnetic props provide endless inspiration for young imaginations.

  • Build the stage a new way, every time you play! Colorfully illustrated theater panels connect magnetically.
  • Choose costumes and props to inspire your story. Magnetic accessories stick to the wooden dress-up characters and panel walls.
  • Perform a play! Change up your scene so the fun never stops.
  • Grow your story with additional Build & Imagine play-sets
  • Recommended for imaginative girls and boys ages 4 to 8.

61 included pieces provide for endless variations to spark creativity

Fairytale Theater includes two standing wooden dress-up characters (thespians Aubrey and Tristan), 4 dual-sided stage panels, 2 rectangular and 1 triangular curtain panels, and 52 magnetic accessories. It features a pirate cove, evil and good castles, spooky forest, royal bedroom, treasure map, costumes, dramatic facial expressions, and much more!

Includes - Sidekicks Travel Storage Pouch, to take your fun on-the-go!

No rules, no limits to what your child can dream up.

Kids aren’t limited to one designthey can quickly reconstruct the Fairytale Theater stage into whatever design suits them. They can also change the context of their story with magnetic accessories that stick to the panel walls and wooden characters. Or, mix and match multiple Build & Imagine play-sets to build a larger scene.

  • Will the play take place inside the castle or overlooking royal lands?
  • Will the stage be one or two stories high? Two or three panels wide?
  • Should the pirates use the map to hunt for treasure?
  • Should the queen defeat the dragon by throwing a bucket of water on his fiery breath?
  • Should the prince attend a masquerade ball?
  • The storytelling possibilities are endless!

Sets the Stage for Language and Literacy Learning

The rich illustrations, characters, and magnetic props act as story starters, sparking imaginative play. As children whisper stories to themselves or collaborate to put on a play, they practice language skills, develop creativity and divergent thinking, and advance their understanding of others’ perspectives, social interactions, and their own emotions. Additionally, acting out known fairytales extends and deepens their connection with reading. Parents can strengthen this learning by reading related storybooks and drawing connections.

High-Quality Durable Toy

Build & Imagine illustrated building panels are framed with high-quality virgin ABS plastic to keep the magnets safely encased. To make Build & Imagine play-sets as safe as possible, they are made with ferrite block magnets, rather than small neodymium magnets. Illustrations have a durable protective finish to ensure they continue to look new after months of play. The accompanying dolls are made of wood with a plastic base so they can stand up in any scene. The magnetic accessories are printed on 30mil flexible magnet sheets so they stay attached to the dolls and panel walls during active imaginative play.

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