To Go - Battlefleet
To Go - Battlefleet
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To Go - Battlefleet

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Magnetic travel games 

Compact and chique, a variety of 25 classic board games designed in a slim tin case, printed both sides with magnetic pawns and pieces. Fun and affordable travel games, for all ages.


Number of players: 2

The game contains: 5+5 battleships and submarines, 133 "Bomb" magnets (35 "RED hit" magnets + 98 "BLACK miss" magnets.)

Setup: Each player takes one part of the tin box, half of the bombs, and one fleet (5 magnets).  The small grid is for your own fleet ("My Ships") and the big grid is where you try to locate the other player's fleet ("Enemy Ships").  First, positions your own fleet within your grid.  You may position them vertically or horizontally but not diagonally.  Ships cannot occupy the same square and cannot be moved once the game begins.   Keep your fleet location secret from your opponent!  Attached the unused "bomb" magnets to the back of the box.  

The game: The youngest player begins.  Take turns to "shoot" at the enemy's fleet by calling out the number of certain box by the grid location.  For example, you could call out "B4" of "D1".  Your enemy must say whether the shot is a "miss" or a "hit", and, if it is a "hit", you can keep track of what you have shot on your lower grid (for a "hit" - use red magnet, for a "miss" use black magnet).  If you have a successful hit, you have another turn, and can continue hitting until you miss.  Play continues until one player wins by successfully sinking the whole of the other player's fleet.